• Testimonial

    Kimberly Vandiver

    About Kimberly Vandiver

    Kimberly Vandiver has been blessed to work on numerous projects, including iCarly, CSI, The Game, and Something New, as well as a number of national commercial and print campaigns for companies such as Target, Diet Coke, Nike, Old Navy and Chevrolet. In addition to acting, she has also produced several film/t.v. projects, including the award-winning short film “LU” starring Nate Parker.

    Along with her work as an actress/producer, Kimberly has served in the role of educator as well. From working in charter and private schools around Los Angeles, to teaching acting to foster youth, she has witnessed firsthand the intelligence and thoughtful character of some of today’s brightest young people. She’s enthusiastic about nurturing students’ natural skills and talents, while sharing her love and knowledge of Jesus Christ. Kimberly brings her dedication to the Lord, a passion for empowering young people, and a love for acting to all of her students.